1 Day Wild White Water Rafting

I remembered i was scared till my face turn white when i first experience my white water rafting in KK with TS. But it was such great fun. OK, i have to conquer my fear and here i am with another adventure on White Water Rafting.  Practice Practice Practice would definitely makes us a better rafter..

Interesting enough for you, then join me lah !!! Ha ha ha… 🙂

Our Rough Rafting Program:

07:30am – Breakfast time

8:45am – Meet and gather

9:00am – depart to the rafting destination

9:30am – water confident and safety briefing

10:30:am- start rafting

1:00pm – end rafting and lunch

2:30pm – End tour.

More information on this river:

Whitewater action at Selangor river has 2 sections:-

Upper river (grade II-III)

When the water levels are low, this section provides the run. Tubing can be done run here.

Lower river (grade II-IV)

This is the ideal section to run as the thrills and spills here is what Whitewater rafting/kayaking is famous for. All 7 kilometers of it!

 The Trip At A Glance


Where: Sungai Selangor, Malaysia

When:   03-04th Feb 2012 (Friday-Saturday) (03rd Feb 11.00 pm Depart)

Minimum Age / Maximum Age: 16-60

WHO IS SUITABLE?  Anyone who likes to Raft….

Grading: Level 1-4

Distance: 7 km , More than 5 rapids

Time Length of Rafting: Approx. 2hrs

Group Size: Minimum 12 pax

Costs: $239

Program outline will be sent to those who RSVP-YES only.

Closing date of registration  –    25th Dec 2011

Pre-trip Briefing Email:  Will send briefing email 7 days before the trip only to those who RSVP-Yes and who has made payment.


Price Includes:    

  • Return Private Coach
  • Rafting equipment
  • Experienced Rafting Guides
  • Group First Aid Kit
  • Dinner
  • All Administration Charges
  • All Permits and Entrance Fee
  • On river Snacks
  • Lunch
  • UV Arm Sleeve Protector (For Ladies only) – Can wear while you raft (Retail Price at $25.00) “While Stocks last”
  • Fordable water-bottle (For Men only) – Can use to store water while you raft (Retail price at $20.90)  “While Stocks last”

Price Excludes: 

  • Expenses of any emergency nature
  • Expenses of personal nature, including soft drinks
  • Travel Insurance
  • Tips for driver/guide tips @ RM 5.00 per pax
  • Those firm to go, after you made payment please provide details as below :


How to register ? Click here for registration.


 Things to Bring:

  2. River sandals or lace up shoes for wearing on raft
  3. Swimming costume
  4. Basic toiletries
  5. Sunscreen lotion
  6. Personal medication
  7. Straps for  spectacles or goggles for contact lenses
  8. Towel / sarong
  9. 2 sets of clothing (1 wet and 1 for return)
  10. Safety and Precaution

 Safety and Precaution

  • We always ensure all the participants wear a life jacket.
  •  We do not overload the raft.
  •  We do not go rafting after/during a heavy rain.
  •  Our guides are qualified and well train.We well know local weather conditions. We make sure the water and weather conditions are safe. Because water conducts electricity, it is wise to stop swimming, boating, or any activities on the water as soon as you see or hear a lightning.

 Do and Don’t

  1. Do Not Litter
  2. Bring All Rubbish Out Of  the Raft.
  3. Do Not Damage Any Plants Or Trees
  4. Do Not Make Excessive Noise
  5. Stay Healthy. Do Not Take Unnecessary  Risks Like Climbing Up Rocks.
  6. Always Listen To Advise Given By Your  Guides.
  7.  Do Not Stay Away From The Group, You Can Easily  Get Lost.
  8. Safety Briefing
  9. A detailed safety briefing will be conducted before each trip. The rafting team for the trip explains what to do if the raft flips, how to help each other out of the water and what conditions to expect.
  10. We always gives the worst-case scenario so that people know what to expect from the trip and, therefore, have the choice to forgo their trip after the safety talk. Once in the raft, you are instructed by your rafting guide as to how to negotiate the rapids and some practice is done before you set off. You are also briefed before each rapid on how the raft is expected to react.

 Important note

1. Arrive 30 minutes prior to trip time

2. No alcohol before or during trip

3. Bring towels, shower items and a change of clothes

4. Dress appropriately for the weather: swimsuits, quick dry shorts, T-shirts, strap on sandals or tennis shoes for warm weather, or wool synthetic clothes for cool weather (no cotton sweatshirts or jeans).

5. Be ready to have an adventure full of fun and excitement!


  • Can we leave our things safely in the transport when we raft?

Ans: Yes you can. Through my experience, driver and vehicle is very good and honest.

  • Must we be a good swimmer to join this event?

Ans: No need to be a good swimmer because we have to wear life jackets. But at least you must not be afraid of water. As long as you can float in water, will be fine.

  • What time we are expected to be back to Singapore?

Ans: Between 9-10pm

  • Do we have a proper place that we can change clothes?

Ans: Yes, the guides will show us where.

  • How long is the journey from Singapore to the rafting site?

Ans: If smooth traffic, we should be there in 7.5 hours.

  • In the event of bad weather what happens?

Ans: If we have to call off this event due to bad weather, money will be refunded full to all participants.

Please read the disclaimer for this event posted.

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