Let’s Caving to the ONLY Granite Cave in Malaysia

Am excited to my 1st caving experience coming up on 14th January 2012. For more information about this trip, please visit this page. I have done abit of research about this caving hike. We are caving into the only granite cave in Malaysia and that is – “Gua Batu Maloi

After several readings, i reckon that its important we get experience cave guides to guide us on this trip.   Safety is my concern during adventures. We are going to meet up with 2 of our experience cave guides at Tampin Toll on that morning.

Batu Maloi Cave is more of a congregation of huge and many, many boulders with a combination of two rivers (from Gunung Tampin and Gunung Datuk), its waters snaking its way through these huge (and many, many) granite boulders. The caving takes you through, up, under, over and around these huge boulders. You will have to snake, climb, slide, crawl, be on all fours, sometimes flat on your back (or stomach) and dive underwater to work your way through the caves.

Word of Caution – if you are asthmatic, have the heebie-jeebies with creepy crawlies and big toads, claustrophobic or have fear of being underwater and in tight confined spaces, please decide not to do this. Because you will experience you worst fear there.

Trough my readings, TEAMWORK is important to get through this adventure. I am looking forward for the great teamwork with the group of 30 caving friends coming with me. I will be back to share more about this experience after 14th Jan 2012. Keep a lookout for my travelogue then.

Additional Readings : Go to here

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