Malaysia Caving – Practical Tips

  1. Always take a reliable guide, who can be hired from the National Parks or from caving clubs. Many of Malaysia’s caves are unmapped and not even an experienced caver should go exploring alone. Groups of four are optimum.
  2. Although some operators offer cave diving, it is a highly specialized sport and should only be undertaken by professional divers and cavers.
  3. All cave divers must be certified and are competent in back finning/manoeuvring in confine spaces.
  4. Always check equipment before venturing into a cave especially when abseiling.
  5. Experienced cavers recommend a maximum of eight hours in a cave at a stretch but most cave take less than three hours to explore.
  6. Plan how much lighting you will need. One Kilogram of carbide will give enough illumination for approximately six to eight hours.
  7. Cavers should always carry back-up torches and extra batteries.
  8. Cavers should put on their helmets at all times to avoid injuries from falling debris and slipping on wet rock surfaces.
  9. Heart patients and those sufferings from claustrophobia should limit themselves to show caves where guide take in groups of 20 to 40 people. Cavers should be free from allergies related to limestone and bat guano.
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