Activity #2: Let’s Caving on 14th Jan 2012

When we talk about caves and caving, there are the usual terms one associate with them – cavernous, airy or stagnant and stale air, a light walk or a difficult squeeze ahead etc.

With Gua Batu Maloi (Batu Maloi Cave), it’s a completely different story. Being the only granite cave in Malaysia, the types of ‘excursion’ one would experience, compared to other limestone caves, are very much like comparing apples to oranges.

The cave is part of a living natural world. So if the weather changes,the river in the cave would quickly swell.Should that happen, our guide, Lee would need to evacuate us fast so do try to remain attentive and keep safe. The caves are about a kilometer long and some parts of the caves dip down as far as 25 feet (about 2 storeys underground).

Believe it or not, these caves are occasionally the dwelling of orang bunians or orang halus(jungle spirit).So please be respectful. Once i read that a trekker was actually in another dimension drinking tea with some short people.  Hmmm….

There was a small jungle trek to start off the journey.It was quite a fun trek and wasn’t a flat out walk. We had to negotiate terrain where we were required to jump in small pools, climb up on roots, hang alongside a root system on the side of a rock wall,cross sand pits which we took the opportunity to wrestle and ‘sand’ each other, climb up slanted rocks, slide down slanted rocks.

The terrain consist of mostly sand and pretty well rounded rock that if anything prove to be a nice reflexology and free to boot. As we negotiate boulders after boulder…we suddenly became enveloped by darkness and that’s where our cave journey began.

Gua Batu Maloi is not so much a cave as in a carved out tavern in a monolith or mountain with thousand year old stalagmites but more like boulders falling on top of a river system that created this passage where you had to climb, duck,crawl and at some bit swim to cross. The water was cold and fresh. At some points we had really small crevices to squeeze through which gave us loads of hamster like fun while other pints small waterfall formation that stirred the water into natural jacuzzi formations that were just so nice to sit and relax or indulge in the real hobby of the trekking group – cam whoring.  :”)

Some parts needs us to use the ropes. Its all about teamwork.

A beautiful frog we saw along our way…

After we finished the cave and everyone feeling fresh and elated. Gua batu Maloi had one more thing to please…a big rock…the batu maloi…it was fun as some of the more adventurous raced one another scaling up the rock face clinging to wines and roots…

But alas…it was finally time to go back…we just could not get enough of this FUN. I definitely recommend Batu Maloi Cave for those who crave a bit of perspective in the scheme of things.

After our adventurous activity, we headed for a 7-course sumptuous restaurant dinner. Ha ha, and our durian treats after that. We ended our one-day excursion with so much laughter and  i am sure we are bonded closer after this trip.

The “Yum Seng” ritual with Katherine Goh.

Then we had a good time with our durian feast. All thanks to Dennis for his durian treat.

More photos can be found in my facebook.

I am very delighted to see HAPPY FACES and hope to see all of you again very soon.

Video Highlight of our trip:

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2 thoughts on “Activity #2: Let’s Caving on 14th Jan 2012

  1. Hello Tang,
    Its awesome to have you with us on our last caving trip. It was exciting isn’t it? We are going for another intermediate route on 29th April. Check out the links here:
    Join us for the FUN and adventure AGAIN!!! Hope to see you again very soon.



    Hello Kathrine,

    Thanks for the posting and the pitures.
    That Caving trip was indeed a very challenging
    and exciting trip; like I said in my talk in
    the bus on the way home.
    Hope to join your group for some more exciting
    adventures soon;pls. keep me inform of any.
    Thank you,
    WK Tang.

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