Activity #1: Waterfall Hike & Chill’Out on 8th Jan 2012 – A Wet Day for us all…

First hike of the year 2012 for most of us in the group. We had a multinationals group from more than 6 countries. What is best to connect with one another than to do a common adventure together. Before we started the morning hike, Ah Long guided us for a simple warm-up stretching exercise.

After the warmed up, we slowly climbed up the tarmac road. Total 5km in distance with progressive ascending of up to 60 degrees in the last 2km. For beginners the last 2km can be “killing”. As we walked, we saw the architecture of an old abandoned resort.

Its actually quite nice but too bad no one maintained the buildings now.

Although the weather was not clear and sunny but a wet weather also gives another expression of the mountain.Introducing the “Misty Pulai”. I have been to Pulai four times now. Every time the feeling was different. For this trip, we have met a few uncles who shared with us more stories of this mountain. I learnt that there are other routes up the mountain and the waterfall trek route they showed to few of us  is very interesting although its slippery and lots of leeches. Ouch ~ I was bitten by a few and one even “followed” me back to Singapore , i only realized it the next day in my toilet. 😛

The “Misty Pulai”

The upper part of the waterfall (See below photo)

The waterfall path is very slippery because they are many dead leaves along the path. My worst enemies are the leeches. Just a few steps, i saw leeches and then again and again along the path. I really dislike leeches regardless what others say about how “they ” only suck our dirty blood.

Below photo shows the Sacred Water…

The waterfall…..

Some of our team members could not get to see the “actual” waterfall but there will always be another time.  😀

The top of Gunung Pulai – A Military Installation

After the trek, we headed for our usual sumptuous dinner and then shopping for our CNY cookies and my favorite Kueh Lapis. Choose the Crunchie, Crunch and Kinder Bueno flavors. In my personal opinion, there are the best. Each costs RM20.00 per roll. I was told can keep for 6 months but who cares, i finished within a week.

Happily, we headed back home in our comfy coach.

Thank you all “Pulaian” (People who hiked Pulai is now called Pulaian) who accompanied me in this hike.  Wishes all a fulfilling year ahead!

More photos can be found in my facebook.

Watch what our friends have to say about this hike….

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5 thoughts on “Activity #1: Waterfall Hike & Chill’Out on 8th Jan 2012 – A Wet Day for us all…

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  3. AppleOrangeJuice

    Hello YQ, glad to see you here. Glad you like this article. Hugz

  4. Hello fellow pulaian!~~=P xx

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