Rated 3.33- 30-31/03/12 – Day Trekking to Beautiful Lata Medang Waterfall

A hike to Lata Medang Waterfall near Kuala Kubu Bharu makes an enjoyable day out.

Not far from Chilling waterfalls is the Medang waterfall. Starting from Orang Asal village in Kampung Pertak,this trek takes you through local fruit orchards, petai, bamboo clusters, rattan and secondary vegetation. The jungle trek is moderately challenging. During the fruit season,trekkers may be lucky to pick up some jungle durians, mangosteen, langsat and others.

This hike will follow a 4WD track, which can be very muddy. After that we turn towards the slope of the hill on a rather narrow path. There are some steep stretches along the way, but in general the climb is moderate.  More adventurous hikers can join our mountain guide when we chop ourselves a way to the top of Lata Medang. It will take at least 2 to 2 and 1/2 hours of trekking to reach the Lata Medang waterfall which is only 200 m upstream.

Trip highlights: Medium/ big waterfalls with curtain falls. A good opportunity to see tropical fruit trees, bamboo forest and much more!

Please read notes on our “Beginner” Hike

See the Youtube video below:-


The Trip At A Glance 

Where:  Near Kg Pertak ,Selangor, Malaysia

When:    30th March 2012 (Friday) (11.30PM Depart) 

WHO IS SUITABLE ? Physical fitness is a prerequisite. Even if you are a beginner or less-experienced hiker, you can join us, and enjoy the beautiful hike with its several small streams and amazing views 

Overall Hike Grading: 3.33 (Read more on how we rate our hikes here)

Height Grading: 3.0

Terrain Grading: 3.0

Distance Grading: 4.0 

Terrain: Unpaved roads with some steep and muddy sections. 

Type of waterfall: Cascades, Multiple falls

Total Distance: 6,2km one way, 12.4KM (Return)

Total Hike Time: 8.0 hours Return inclusive of 1.5-2.0hours of chill-out at the waterfall 

Estimated Return to Singapore: Before 11.30pm on the same day

Costs:  S$130 per pax

Closing date of registration: 31st Feb 2012

Pre-trip Briefing Email:  Will send briefing email 3 days before the trip only to those who RSVP-Yes and who has made payment.


 Price Includes:      

  • Return Private Coach
  • Dinner
  • All Administration Charges
  • All Permits and Entrance Fees

Price Excludes:   

  • Expenses of any emergency nature
  • Expenses of personal nature, including soft drinks.
  • Travel Insurance
  • Tips for driver/guide @ RM 5.00 per person

How to register ? Click here for registration.


 Things to Bring:

  1. One will need minimum 3 litre of isotonic drink
  2. Insect Repellent
  3. Rain Gear
  4. Warm Jacket in case coach journey is chilly
  5. Walking Stick (if you deemed necessary)
  6. Changing Clothes
  7. Snacks for lunch


  • Can we leave our things safely in the transport when we hike?

Ans: Yes you can. Through my experience, driver and vehicle is very good and honest.

  • What time we are expected to be back to Singapore?

Ans: Between 11-11.30pm on same day

  • Do we have a proper place that we can change clothes?

Ans: No, we can change at the waterfall area

  • Are there any leeches or “Dancing Queens”( I usually call them that..) in this forest?
Ans: Yes. Definitely not as many as Gunung Panti
  • How long is the journey from Singapore to our hiking place?

Ans: If smooth traffic, we should be there in 5.5 hours.

  • Are there any Steep slopes to climb or descend?
Ans: Yes there are some steep slope and muddy terrain.
  •  11.30pm is a little tight to reach in time for me. Are there any alternatives?

Ans: Meet us at 12am at woodland checkpoint after the custom clearance. Please inform me via email/SMS if you are meeting me at woodland checkpoint.

  • Do we go for breakfast in Malaysia? Or we direct go to the mountain?
Ans: We will have breakfast stop before our hike
Please read the disclaimer for this event posted.
During the hike we focus very much on group dynamics, and it’s a rule of thumb that nobody will be left behind. We’re all links in the hiking chain and nobody is more or less important than anybody else… For every hike, i will be the last one to leave the venue in order to be sure that everybody made it out safely. Creating an adventurous but most of all a safe hiking experience is our goal.
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6 thoughts on “Rated 3.33- 30-31/03/12 – Day Trekking to Beautiful Lata Medang Waterfall

  1. Jonathan


    I’ve just seen the page about the trip to Lata Medang earlier this year. The photos from Lata Medang look amazing. Was the trip planned by Gaia Adventures or the blogger “AppleOrangeJuice”?

    Actually a group of friends and I are interested in planning a trip to Lata Medang this December, and we were wondering what kind of permits will we need, to trek and camp at Lata Medang? In addition, we were also wondering if it will be possible to camp overnight near Lata Medang or Lebuk Mecu? We have about 15 people interested in the trip.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you.

    • AppleOrangeJuice

      Yes its a trip plan by Gaia Adventurers.

      1. No permit is required for trekking or camping here. Lubuk Mecu would probably be the best spot to camp.
      2. The site is quite small. You may have trouble finding enough flat space to accommodate so many people.

      Best of luck with your trip and adventure safely.

      The Gaia Adventurers.

      • Jonathan

        Oh, I see. Would it be very difficult to find Lubuk Mecu or Lata Medang if we are trekking there for the first time? Would it be advisable that we hire a guide?

      • AppleOrangeJuice

        Yes it is preferred to get a guide. The waterfall may not be easy to find.

        Trek Safely.

        The Gaia Adventurers

      • Jonathan

        Oh, I see. We are actually planning to trek to Lata Medang at around 21st to 23rd Dec. Do you have any recommendations for guides for us?

        In addition as I was exploring your blog, I realised that you have campsites and accomodations in KKB. May I enquire where is your campsite or accomodations located and how far is it from Lata Medang and the nearest town? Perhaps could you also quote me the rates for a night’s stay at the campsite or the accomodations for about 15 people?

      • AppleOrangeJuice

        Hi Jonathan,

        Sorry for late reply. Gaia Adventurers were in Shangrila, Yunan for last 2 weeks.

        I have received your email and will reply you very soon.

        The Gaia Adventurers

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