Activity 4 – Let’s Lambak on 19th Feb 2012

The sun broke as we were on our way once again to Brother Lambak… This time we were traveling with our hiking friends and a special guest… My mom! It’s a trip which I was eagerly anticipating.

We arrived at the Eco resort at the foot of Brother Lambak at about 9am. It was raining the night before thus we were expecting the climb to be a slippery one. It was a blessing that a recce trip was done prior to this and we found an easier way up.

We made our way to the eastern end of the resort and walked up its steep Tarmac road leading to flat assembly area where we did our warm up. It’s amazing that my 70 year old mom managed to accompany us up those daunting slopes. It was tough for her but she preserved through. Clap Clap !!!

After a brief warm up, we moved on through the broken gates and started our ascend up Brother Lambak. The gradual ascend was much easier to tackle as compared to the tarmac slopes of the resort.

We soon made our way through to the Y-junction and up to the tea shed that was built by the locals. We took a breather and admired the tea house where I explained to my friends that each and every brick needed to raise this architecture was hauled up from the bottom of the hill by hand.

Here on, the fun part begins. With adrenaline pumping through our veins, our group managed the steep slippery natural clay ‘slides’ presented before us. With sure will and perseverance (and a little assistance from the rope), we literally pulled ourselves up those slippery slopes. Thank god for the kind souls that laid down those ropes that brought great assistance to us.

Eventually, the temperature cools and the forest canopy slowly opens up. The peak of Lambak finally presents itself to us after an arduous journey. Peace was upon us here on the peaks as we were one of the first to submit Gunung Lambak. A group of young scouts joined us at 30 minutes later along with the remainder of our pack…

The Peak Views

Katherine’s Tradition – We MADE IT !!!

After a short breather for those that just arrived, we started on our mad scramble downhill, twisting and bending through the natural landscape. As we draws nearer to midday, the slipperiness melts aways and makes the descend a lot easier. We were grateful for the good weather and were down and out in about and hour. A truly magnificent morning here on Brother Lambak once again.

Descending Photos

Everytime i climb Lambak, i always spotted huge millipede as shown in the photo. 

As per Katherine’s Adventure Rule – Sumptuous Dinner at the end of the adventure is a MUST !!!! Hey, after tiring workout, we must treat ourselves well. Ok, i know by eating heartily, i had ruin my workout in the day. But who cares….my adventure trip must be HAPPY, FUN, LAUGHTER, BONDING, ADVENTUROUS and most importantly, stomach is FULL.

Recollection of our Lambak memories with a group of 22 strangers turn friends…Thanks for joining us in this trip. Awesome “Lambakers”. Till the next time….

More photos at my Facebook.

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