Activity 11 – 1D1N Dawn at Broga Hill – Sunrise From Mountains Peak on 13/5/12

Broga is surrounded by the lush green hills of a tropical rainforest and sits on the edge of the Titiwangsa Range. It is also a hill that sits right on the border of both the states of Negri Sembilan and Selangor.The hill is composed mostly of lalang grass while some lower areas are covered with palm oil trees or young secondary forest, thus Bukit Broga is also known as ‘Bukit Lalang’. Squirrels and birds such as swifts are common sights around the hills. But what attracted me most is its tranquility and greenness.

Our plan was to catch the sunrise from the mountain peak then visit the infamous rabbit farm and an organic farm before we head to Malacca to climb the St. Paul’s Hill (Bukit St. Paul) for sunset view and after that we will head down for our sumptuous Peranakan dinner. Not much changes to our plan except that we had peranakan lunch instead of dinner.

Our Sumptuous Peranakan Lunch – My favorite is the Nonya Chap Chai and Ah ger voted for the Famous Nonya Asam Fish.

We started the morning climb at around 5.30am and its already very crowded when we were there. Along the way, we even saw some hikers decending. Perhaps they camped overnight at the peak.

Dawn @ Broga Views


Broga Dawn On Video…


Slightly after 40minutes of climbing, we reached the summit. There is a large boulder to leap over before reaching the ACTUAL summit of Broga. 

Decending Broga – Some parts have ropes to assist us to come down. If it is a raining day, descending Broga can be very slippery.


Short Visit to the Organic Farm


Then we headed off to Malacca where some of us had our foot reflexology and others were visiting State mosque, Red house….many many more and i can’t remember those names.


When we had our lunch, of course not to forget Kat’s usual tradition – The Yum Seng  & Huat Cheers for luck and prosperity.

We all had a very enjoyable day. Thanks Ah Teck & Ah Ger for joining us in this trip.

Testimonials from our satisfied participants.


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