It’s AngSi !

Gunung Angsi at 825-828 meters has been on my must do list for the past 2 years since I first read about it on internet. During our last july trip, we missed this hike as weather was not on our side. We reached the base of Angsi after 9am and the rangers forbid us to enter for safety reasons.

I was a bit aprehensive about Angsi especially after reading on other’s blog about having a lot of problems climbing Angsi taking 4 1/2 hours to reach the summit. Nevertheless, during our recent April Recce trip with my hubby, we included an Angsi trek in our recce list. 🙂

We drove up to Angsi from Port Dickson, overnight in our car at the mid-mountain of Angsi. When we woke up, first greeted us was the misty morning. Beautiful ! Felt refreshed especially breathing the fresh air from the mountain.

There are two treks up Gunung Angsi, one via the Ulu Bendol Forest Park and one through Bukit Putus. Bukit Putus is said to be the easier trek and the time to reach the peak was reported to be between 1 1/2 hours to 3 hours. Having a maximum 3 hours in mind, I looked forward to the hike.


The trek starts off with a steep hike. From the first step, the steep climb continued for about 30 minutes before easing off to less demanding gradients. Was surprised to find a rest stop 30 minutes later, a bit dissappointed that was so early in the hike. We hardly climb 1 km. We covered only about 1/4 of the trek. We stopped for 5 minutes to relax and take in the ambiance of the rest stop. Some good folks had set up shelters complete with tables, chairs and cooking utensils. The area was kept very clean.

Having an interrupted momentum, we were off again. Found the trail to the peak were well marked all the way. Truly enjoyed discovering the many interesting names along the trek.

From the rest stop, it was more like a nature walk. There was not much climbing for the next 40 minutes as we covered 1.5 km, first reaching a viewing point where we could get a glimpse the Kuala Pilah dam before moving ahead, passing by Big Dick 2 and Big Dick 1 before reaching Broken Arrow.

From Broken Arrow, it was down hill to Wild Board Swamp. This place was truly swampy. After negotiating past the mud, we reached Savannah Pass and started climbing again.

We have managed Gunung Angsi in 3 hours 10 minutes. A slow and leisurely hike.  Total distance covered was 4.9km. A fast hiker should be able to do it in less than 90 minutes.  This is definitely one of the most pleasant and easiest hike. The clear trails, the gentle treks and the absence of leeches makes this an ideal hike for beginners.

 This is the icon of the peak.

 The peak is a large open space. There is a bench where we can relax there.
We can get a view of Seremban from the peak while the opposite side, we get a lovely view of the Negeri Sembilan mountain range. (Above picture)
We finally left the Angsi Forest Reserve, happy with the pleasant trek and wanting to try the trek from Ulu Bendul the next time we come back. We wanted very much to share with our hiking buddies this route we have done. It’s simply awesome!
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