Selecting the Correct Snorkel

Another piece of equipment that is essential to a enjoyable snorkeling trip is none other than the snorkel itself. For those people who gets jaw cramps after biting on an oddly fitted bite piece, would probably have a good idea what I am talking about.

Here’s some tips on selecting a good snorkel:

 Set a Budget

There are millions of designs out there in the market with price varying from SGD10.00 to SGD180.00. Always remember to set a reasonable budget to a snorkel that caters to your needs.

 Types of Snorkel

There are 3 types of snorkel

  1. Rigid Tube
  2. Semi Dry Snorkel
  3.  Dry Snorkel

Rigid Tube: These are by far the cheapest piece of equipment that you can get your hands on. They are basically a simple tube that extends out of the water to allow air to flow to the user.

Semi-dry Snorkel: This make are fitted with a pressure valve at the bottom of the mouth piece which allows water to flow out from the snorkel hence preventing the snorkel chamber from flooding. And to top that off the plastic contraption on the top end of the snorkel angles to divert most of the water out from the breathing tube. As long as it does not completely submerge, this make will stay dry. (Neat huh?)

snorkel semi dry

Dry Snorkel: This piece of contraption have a equilibrium valve on the top end of the blow pipe. In the event that the user dives underwater, the valve will shut itself up preventing sea water from coming into the snorkel altogether. (Cool isn’t it?)

 Snorkel Dry

Tube Diameter

As the old saying goes… the bigger the better! The wider tubes can allow more airflow into the chamber hence reducing the need for user to gasp for air when submerge.

Mouth Piece

It’s tiring to bite down on a mouth piece all day long when you’re out at sea. Mouth piece determines the level of comfort you will have when out snorkeling. So make sure that the mouth piece sits comfortably between your teeth when you release the grip on your jaws. 

Rigid versus Flexi?

Rigid connectors may sometimes cause discomfort to the user as it forces the mouth piece up into an awkward position, springing the mouth piece forward and out of the mouth instead of allow it to sit comfortably between the teeth.

In contrast, flexible connectors offer leeway to accommodate users of different facial sizes/features and allow a comfortable bite on the mouthpiece. This depend solely on the user’s comfort when using a snorkel, hence it is important to try the snorkel before purchasing.

 Putting It Together

Word of advice… always fit the snorkel to your mask to check for its fit before purchasing to ensure that it is a good fit to the mask.

Gaia Adventurers offers a variety of snorkels for your selection. Visit our Gaia Shop for more selection.

Advice by our Gaia Adventurer – Diver Long

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