Recovering my lost bag – Thank you note to Mr. Chandra & Team

I am extremely grateful to Mr. Chanda from the Baggage claims department of Cambodia Airport Authority.

During the transit between Kuala Lumpur and Siem Reap, our airline check in staff at KL LCCT airport short-shipped one of my baggage on my flight to Cambodia. I was devastated to find out that my baggage containing my IPad, Camera, and other important items did not arrived. To add to my devastation, I later found out that the airline is completely clueless about the location of my belongings as I was filing the report with Mr. Chandra. To make matters worse, they did not even issue a baggage tag to me when they took in my baggage.

Given my situation, Mr. Chandra suggested that I should file a report nevertheless to launch a tracer to locate my untagged baggage. Despite having no picture of the baggage, he tried his best to describe my baggage in the report. His sincerity and assurance brought some peace to my tormented mind. Following day, I was summoned to the airport to inspect a suspected baggage that fitted the description. I was overjoyed to see me little red baggage sitting there behind the glass door. The Cambodia airport staff was friendly and helpful then.


Hence with this essay, I would like to express my thanks to Mr. Chandra and collegues for his effort in recovering my lost baggage, and to my wife for supporting me during my down times. Last but not least, my thanks to the Airline’s tracing department for locating my bag in KL, and returning it with all items in tact.

Thank you one and all for your kind efforts. Cheers!

Gaia Adventurer – Ah Long

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