Activity 18 – 2D1N Wilderness (River Tubing)

KKB (Selangor river) was broken into 2 sections, namely the upper and the lower sections. Whilst most rafters takes on the challenge of negotiating the white waters of the lower section, we as adventure people, sought a different experience with the slower class 3 rapids of the upper section.

We armed ourselves with a rubber tyre tube and dive” butt in” into the raging rapids for an afternoon of river tubing.

As first timers, we have issues controlling our round tube down the fast flowing waters in the training area. However after a few drops, we realized that there is very little need to control the direction of the tube. The water is too strong to begin with and we kind of like tumbling over the unknown.

So we went with the flow and found ourselves in heaps of fun thereafter.All in all it was a magical afternoon of watery fun amid the pouring afternoon rain with great companion and new friends.

Three cheers to river tubing!!

Do join us for our next adventure in 1st quarter 2013 ! Open for Registeration in mid-Nov. Check out more details at Gaia Adventurers.

Our Happy Videos…


Have a Gaia Adventure with the Gaia Adventurers !

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