Activity 18 – 2D1N Wilderness (Surviving KKB – Rafting)

It was the dawn. I could hardly opened my eyes. The sun just broke as the coach slowly pulls into town.

There laid rows of eateries steaming with hot food and the fresh aroma of coffee. Our primeval instinct to satisfy our hunger kicks in as we waited for our raft guides to pick us up. Our trip leader, Katherine gave us a briefing for our weekend adventures. After our hearty breakfast, we then went to change and had our warm up session.

A familiar sight of jeep with a raft mounted on its roof top, pulls up by the coffee shop where we were having our breakfast signalling the start of our adventure.

We took a short ride in the jeep and arrived at a clearing just before the lower section of the river. There laid 4 rafts all primed and ready to surf the white waters of KKB. It was raining the night before and the river is pouring over its banks. After a short briefing, we pushed our rafts over a small cliff and scrambled down a gentle slope to retrieve our ride. And the journey begins…

Selangor River is one of the more popular rivers in the western peninsular. The river consist of 2 sections namely the upper and the lower section. All of our rafting activities take place in the lower section of the river when the damn opens its gates. This is a Class 4 river with 3-5m drops along the entire 7km run.

The white water churns and spits our raft out through every boulder and whirlpool. There were times when we were stuck between shallow underlying rocks and the strong waters. We have to rock our rafts out into a short drop before paddling our way to safety.

Occasionally we were thrown overboard in to the gushing white waters as we were flying off the rocks into the waters below. Our most memorable event was when one of our crew members who was fishing madly to recover the overboard rafter, upon realizing that it is not his wife, he dumps the rafter back into the water to float another 3 drops along the white torrents of KKB. Most of us nearly fell over the raft after hearing his joke.

Soon we left the white waters behind us and paddled into a calm smooth flowing stream. Our crew jumped into the waters with our PFDs and cruise casually down the river on our backs. Birds chipping, and freshness of the forest air floods our lungs. It is such tranquillity that make the long  journey here all worthwhile!

More photos:

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Ah Long

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