Backpacking in Thailand: Our First Stop – Kanchanaburi

This time to Thailand we decided to take the Southern Path. The Southern part of Thailand has many interesting beautiful islands. There are more beaches and sea breeze encounters on the southern path.

Our Travel Plan: Singapore – Bangkok – Kanchanaburi – Hua Hin – Turtle Island- Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)-Singapore 

Our first destination: Kanchanaburi


It’s about 2 hours from Bangkok and has become quite a traveler hangout. Laid back atmosphere, plenty of stuff to see and do, very cosy accommodation and a chilled but fun nightlife. It’s so accessible too, there’s no excuse not to whack it on your Thailand itinerary. It’s a similar atmosphere to Pai and Chiang Mai but with less people, all in all one of my favourite spots in the whole of Thailand.

Some Worthy Things to see in Kanchanaburi:


Bridge over the River Kwai: Made famous from the movie with the same title, this is the main draw for visitors to Kanchanaburi. It’s found at the end of the town, so hop on your rented scooter or bicycle and spend 2 minutes burning down the mainstreet to get it to and you’re all set.

You can walk across the bridge or you can actually take the train from Nam Tok to the River Kwai station (2 hours) where you actually cross the bridge by train, its quite a nice ride.


Also, Hellfire pass is worth a mention if morbid tourism is your thing. The Australian government funded a great museum and cleared the jungle back so you can see the tunnels the POW worked on for 18+ hours a day, months on end. Grim.

How to get to Kanchanburi: From Bangkok, it’s pretty easy.

BUS: From BKK’s southern bus terminal, leaving every 30 mins or so. US$4 and 2 hours.

Also, from Khao San Road you can get mini-vans for around US$5, easy and convenient.

TRAIN: From Thonburi Train Station, a train leave BKK at 7.45am and arrives around 10am. This is my preferred choice, comfortable and awesome views. Costs around US$3.

Coming up next post …. Hua Hin

ADventure is an Xpression,

The Gaia Adventurers

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