Activity 6 – Trek n Horse-Riding Adventure

Well, i am ready to sit down and start making plans for what’s is my next weekend activities. I’ve talked it over and decided that i wanted something a bit different, but am not sure exactly what. Traveling to a far off location seems pretty much out of the question, since i have decided on a more peaceful approach to this weekend activities. Then it hits me. How about a vacation with horse riding as the centrepiece?

Our Adventure place

Riding is Simple but Not Easy. To the onlooker (i used to be one of them), it all looks so easy. Yes, the good riders make it seem effortless.But take a closer look, and you will notice the sweat dripping from their brows, their lungs heaving as they regulate their breath post-performance, and their own wonderment as they realize that their goals have become reality.

After the lesson, we got the chance to bath our horses. Very fun !

Jungle-Trekking with our Horses


Our Group Shots

After a whole day of horsey adventures, we rewarded ourselves with a hearty meal.

Kat’s Yum Seng Tradition

And then “We are Full” Group Shot

So, what did i learned ….the ending note….

Horse-Riding is definitely not an easy sport. Horses are very sensitive animals. They know if the rider is fearful or confidence. Its all about connecting with the horse. Through intimate connection with the horse, then rider will be able to “control” the horse. You see the special meaning of “control: here, what i mean is if Connected with the horse, then we can Direct the horse. Can we really control horses? In my opinion is a definite answer no. It was really a very enjoyable sunday with the horses , new found friends and the old friends as well. Thanks all for joining me in this horsey adventure.

Video of our Horse-Riding Adventures:

Till the next time…

Reviews from our participants…

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