24/03/12 – Tree For Life 2012 – Its Tree Time!!!

Tree planting helps combat global warming. They provide shelter, shade and food for other living things. They purify air and water. They majestically beautify all corners of the world. They humbly provide for much of human society and economy. And what’s more,  they continuously convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, which is essential for human beings survival.

I have decided to plant a tree in Singapore on March 24th this year. If you would like to join me for the same Cause, please RSVP your interests. Please come along with your family members, friends and colleagues to make this event a success. I have already donated a tree on my own which will be planted on 24th March at Zhenghua Park. Do join me and together we can plant more trees.

“Plant a tree, green the earth, clean the air, live happily” 

When:24th March 2012

Planting Location: Zhenghua Park

Note: To plant a Tree in Singapore, a payment of $200 per tree is required. Proceeds will go towards the Garden City Fund for more tree-planting activities.

How to register: If you are keen, just RSVP first. An email will sent to you in a later date.

Donation: $20 per person

Why $20? Hopefully, we can gather 10 interested individuals to plant ONE tree. If we have more donation, then we can plant more trees. I don’t think its feasible for too many people to crowd round to plant one tree. So, i decided on $20 per person for 10 people to share the cost to plant a tree. 

If you would like to donate and do not want to be present for tree-planting, please go directly to this link

I am not promoting on behalf of any government bodies. I simply took the initiative because planting a tree not just benefit me, but benefit everybody.

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