Kampung Adidas

These rubber shoes, called Adidas Kampung is probably one of the most talked about footwear for use especially when trekking or walking in jungles like in Malaysia. Gaia Adventurers uses these shoes ourselves, especially so when we trekked waterfalls or muddy terrains.

Kampung Adidas rubber shoes has a reputation that makes it a popular choice among many outdoor adventure goers in Malaysia. They can be seen worn by mountain climbers, river paddlers and even among outdoor educators at established organization. While their price may be an important factor, the popularity of these shoes we reckon boils down to its practicality and functionality.

These rubber shoes are no fuss shoes. They do not have any hi-tech materials lining, French made soles nor any claims that it is treated to be ‘bacteria free’. These shoes are just rubber shoes. Nothing more and nothing less. They have been worn by rubber tappers, miners and workers in Malaya (back then) for generations. They are very affordable, waterproof and needs minimal care.

How to choose your Kampung Adidas aka Jungle Shoe?

  1. Laces against no laces. No laces is our  personal choice but some prefer the laces because it helps to secure the feet to whatever thickness of socks one is wearing. As for the one without laces, well that would mean less an item to fail.
  2. Sizing.We highly recommend that you get the size that fits you comfortably. (See the chart below to assist you)
  3. Soles of the shoes. Basically, there are two types. Studded and non studded. Studded soles are great for that added traction but they are probably not the best for heavier built persons or for walking on tarmac. The ‘studs’ tend to break. Alternatively, there is the more ‘flat’ sole ones. They are great for all round general use which is the one we are recommending. (See photo above)

If you need to order, please contact us.

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