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How about using Fire to Charge your Iphone?

I came across this today and thought its was a great idea. I love what this company is doing. Not sure if this stove can be used in our local parks in Singapore? ūüėÄ

Biolite Stove is not sold in Singapore now. Delivery to Singapore is also not available now. Let’s hope the team can bring in this soon.¬†

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The Gaia Adventurers

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Clean Water From Mother Nature’s Essence

Water is the essence of life. 70% of our planet is covered by water, and yet only 1% of which is drinkable. It saddens our Gaia Adventurers Team to know that at least 50% of the world’s population lives under the poverty line and of which almost all of them have no access to clean drinking water. We have been honored to be invited to live with the villagers in the rural part of Cambodia for a week. Hence prior to our visit, we would like to share with you the construct of a gravity flow filter which one of our Gaia Adventurers – LSW had learnt during his younger days of exploring unchartered jungles.

Things you would need:  

  1. A container which can hold at least 3 liters of water.
  2. Two pieces of thin cloth
  3. Sand
  4. Charcoal
  5. Gravel
  6. Stone

Having collected these items,  

  1. Puncture a few holes at the bottom of the container, which allows water to flow through and collected for boiling. Size of hole should be about 0.5cm in diameter. Number of holes may vary with the size of contain used.
  2. Fill the contain sand to 1/8 of its depth
  3. Place a layer of thin cloth on top of the sand.
  4. Lay down a layer of charcoal on top of the cloth. Depth of charcoal and sand should sit at around 3/8 of the container’s depth.
  5. Place a layer of thin cloth on top of the Charcoal.
  6. Lay down a layer of sand on top of the cloth. The height of all the items should sit at 5/8 the height of the container.
  7. Lay a layer of gravel on top of the sand to about 6/8 of the container.
  8. Lay a last layer of stone on top of the gravel to 7/8 of the container.

Use of the Filter

  • Pour the water from the source which you have acquire.
  • Allow the water to drain from the punctured holes.
  • Please note that a newly built water filter may yield blackish water as the charcoal and sand have yet settled. You would need to allow the water to drain a few more times before it clears up.
  • Observe the color of the water, once the color of the water becomes clear, you may start to collect the filter water for boiling.
  • Boil the water thoroughly to kill any parasites in the water before drinking.

We will share this form of filtration with villagers in rural areas in the various part of the world during our adventures. Trust that you will too.

See you in one of Gaia Adventures real soon.

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