Our Rating System for Hikes

We have made up a rating system as below in order for everyone to be able to judge how difficult the upcoming hike or run will be.

The overall rating score will be the average of the following 3 categories.

Height difference:

1 – Height difference over whole hike less than 100m

2 – Between 100m and 200m climbing/descent

3 – Between 200m and 400m climbing/descent

4 – Between 400m and 800m climbing/descent

5 – More than 800m climbing/descent


1 – All paved roads

2 – Mostly unpaved roads, not too steep terrain.

3 – Unpaved roads with steep sections. Good footwear is a must.

4 – On some stretches hands and legs are required to be used. Expect to get dirty.

5 – Some parts are close to rock climbing.


1 – Total distance of the hike less than 2km

2 – Distance between 2km and 4km

3 – Distance between 4km and 8km

4 – Distance between 8km and 16km

5 – Distance more than 16km

<With references from our internet resources >


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